Uncategorized Best Real Estate App! Free! In this age of rapid fire technology, no one can afford to get left behind.  Luckily, I work with Windermere and they are on the ball.  We now have an app that makes house hunting quick, fun, and super easy while you're on the road! I'm really happy to be able to offer my Windermere […]
Uncategorized Mortgage payments: Pay less than your parents did! Personally, I never thought to see an opportunity like this in my lifetime.  I’ve been of a mind to believe that I will always pay more for everything than my parents did … Happily, one of our local lenders just sent over these mortgage rate / rental comparison / home payment charts. They made my […]
Uncategorized For Sellers Its All About Market Updates & Increasing Value So is the upward trend continuing?  Yep.   Sometimes it’s difficult to acknowledge, but repairs and improvements – even little ones – go a long way.  Here’s an article that shares the six most common and easy ways to increase value:  http://home-edition.net/Default.aspx?ArticleID=85&d=53HKV68aF6aZC04g5rRZzg%3D%3D
Uncategorized Can You Refinance NOW? You can never ask too often … I’m posting this because I talk to so many people who have tried to refinance but been turned down.  With the ever changing rules and regulations, it’s good to be up to date.  You just never know when the tides will change, and allow you to take advantage of opportunity when it shows up. I’ve […]
Uncategorized HUD Mortgage Cost Increases – Effective April 2012 Unfortunately the mortgage market continues to get harder and more expensive. Below is an explanation of the moves HUD is making on FHA insured loans starting in April. The impact isn’t huge, but it’s a negative impact none – the – less and will make purchasing a home using FHA financing more expensive.  Stay informed […]
Uncategorized Mortgage World’s take on things … I like to provide unbiased info for folks, so you’ll find I occasionally plunk down some good blogs or articles from other professionals who deal with the real estate world.   From Troy Clute, Mtn. West Bank, Spokane: 02/16/12   Typically Conventional rates are lower than FHA / VA rates, but for some time now […]
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